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Allen Williams

Allen is a music artist, visual artist, photographer, and writer, He was born on Long Island, New York, just outside the borough of Queens in New York City. He attended public school in Great Neck where he received his first award in Visual Art. At the ceremony he was presented with a book of Dali's surrealist paintings along with a certificate. Allen was a musician at this point as well, playing that trumpet, guitar, and also singing. He later attended college in Upstate New York and often isolated himself in his dorm to create. He transferred, however, back to Long Island and then dropped out. At this point he began working with cranes for buildings in New York City. In 2018 he started going back to school and was at that time, photographing bands in Manhattan. This was an adjustment by putting himself in the background and not as the performer. He earned a bachelors degree in english from Queens College while also being inducted into the Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society. After his four year degree was complete, Allen attended The New York Institute of Photography where he studied photojournalism. He has had exhibitions at The B.J. Spoke gallery in Huntington, New York, where two collectors were able to acquire some of his most intricate early work. He has also shown in Manhattan's popular Alphabet City on The Lower East Side. After that, he had a solo exhibition at The New York City Graffiti Event Center Gallery in Northern Manhattan. More recently, he has been writing music as well as photographing and painting. He is based out of Long Island, New York.