(An ongoing series of informational entries)


This area just near the water's edge in Brooklyn is the perfect answer to running, cycling, and walking. The neighborhood is just past The Atlantic avenue exit off of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. From some parts, you can see a clear view of downtown Manhattan, across the water. Although this day was quite cold, it's still a great place for residents, and oftentimes visitors as well. With the pandemic reaching a better place with vaccines, this area seems to be quite inhabited recently. The area is near Cobble Hill, a great neighborhood and all around a great place to visit yourself. Don't worry about automobile traffic here as this bike path is off of the main roads around there, for the most part. 

SPORTS NOW - February 2021

With the assignment of shooting a sporting event over this past month, I found this task nearly impossible. As I continued to search for a sports match to shoot, I found that mostly, they aren't being held right now. With the snowy weather, for sure there would be less of them, but even before that, maybe because of the cold, it's a daunting task. Because of the virus that's going around, the indoor sports like hockey are cancelled or for the least not housing fans for the stands. In Bayside Queens, we can see that people are still exercising and getting out of the house, it's just that people are staying apart. I suppose when the weather permits I'll have to go down to Flushing Meadows Park to catch a soccer match. The year round games are rumored to still be held. That might be the best bet in New York. 


With the first wave of COVID related problems a few months behind us, we are left with now yet another wave. Although we were shut down for only a short amount of time in New York when the virus first impacted us, we are now seeing. a spike in new cases as we approach the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Outside this urgent care center in Queens, we are seeing a line wrapped around the block as people wait to be tested for the deadly virus. The real question now is, will we see an increase now or a decrease? When will this be over? 


Everyone knows that tires don't last forever. In many instances, the conditions of roads can contribute to the amount of life a tire will see. Most of the time, we don't get what we need out of our tires. Then we get into what kinds of tires there are and also car suspensions. When a car has camber, we see that the side of the tire tends to wear quickly, but at what cost? Do we really need our suspension to be that good if the cost is close to one thousand dollars every twenty thousand miles? This makes no sense to me and probably doesn't to you either. 


It's no secret that we have extensive equipment and structures throughout the world, but in this sense, we must admit that water towers are replaceable. After conversation, it became apparent to me that the need for the elevation was in essence there for the way the water systems work. Interesting enough is that this is such a genius take on a simple scientific system in and of itself. It is great to find a place to take a photo, but for these structures, with their weathered looks, it's quite refreshing. 


'The issue of women's rights is nothing new, as throughout history, there have been demonstrations to support women in various areas of society. One of the most important issues we are faced with today is the idea of a woman having the right to do what she wants with her body. It is important to remember that this has more to do with keeping a pregnancy or not in this instance. In Brooklyn, an artist took to this wall to paint a mural. Instead of mindless aesthetic or a cool looking image, the artist chose to tackle a popular issue, women's rights. The mural the artist painted reads, "my uterus, my decision." This is a very direct way to bring attention to this issue, as this adds to the movement. 


Although New York has remained the greatest city in the world, many are leaving to go elsewhere. Some people are saying that New York is dead. This opens up an interesting conversation though, as we see that there could be great prices on real estate. Otherwise unreachable properties may now become available to a great number of new people. This is a photograph of a beautiful building in Brooklyn. Is it within reach?


Not far from the main part of Queens, there is a beautiful bridge with an area that's good for fishing. This is The Throgs Neck Bridge, which connects Queens with the Bronx. Standing near the parking lot at Fort Totten Park, I was able to get a view of some fishermen and the bridge in the background. A great moment in timing and well planned scenery could be the woe of this result. I insist that it is synchronicity. 


These couple of pictures of mine are from Harlem, New York. I found it interesting that there were so many apartment buildings, but just one or two delis. I was wondering to myself whether it would even be possible for the residents to socially distance when going out to buy groceries. I'm sure the proper precautions are being taken. Another point to consider is that there were barely any people on the street. Where have New York crowds gone?


I snapped these couple of pictures in Maspeth, New York City. The neighborhood is home to quite a few of industrial shops, warehouses, and garages. What I find coolest about this area though is that there is no wall untouched by graffiti writers. It seems that the street art scene may just have a home, and when one is painted over, another appears. We see intricate tags all the way to what looks like scribbling. The art in this area definitely adds to the excitement of the location. 


For about three years, I worked as a photographer for emerging bands around The Village in Manhattan, and in popular Brooklyn. The shoots were some of the most exciting and rewarding times to this date for me. I myself have experimented in being a musician and singer, but the bands I photographed took it to a whole new level. I'm looking forward to these venues opening up pretty soon, so I can get back into the swing of things. 


Going to Flushing, Queens during the lockdown was an easy task, for the most part. There certainly weren't many cars on the road, so traffic wasn't an issue. Perhaps for the reason of exploration, I found myself in one of Flushing's largest parking garages. When I arrived, I quickly saw that there were hardly any cars, strange for such a busy area. I saw this couple from afar standing, talking near one of the entrances. I didn't think about a story with this one right away, but it's safe to say that it invites the curiosity of the individual to wonder what the gist of what's going on is. 


Over the decades leading up to today, we have seen a shift in the types of phones we use. Not only are more people using cell phones instead of landlines, there's also an option subscribers can opt for where their land line calls can now be sent to their mobile phones. This phone station in Nassau County, Long Island stands the test of time and beats all of the odds, at least for now. We are seeing less and less phone booths due to our shift in technology, but do they really need to be removed? Some would argue that they are art.